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Hi Guys

My name is Mark and I am 55 years old but very young at heart. I am married to my beautiful wife Katie for the last amazing 10 years and have a stepdaughter who is currently studying Law.

Ive had a passion for photography since I was very young and became a professional photographer 20 years ago, starting in real estate then moving onto weddings and portraits 15 years ago.

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My Story

Every photographer is passionate about photography and I am no exception. It is the only thing I have ever done that really means anything to me, other than marrying my gorgeous wife that is. ( Skating on thin ice here!!) lol

Being a wedding photographer, to me at least is not just about taking photos. Yes, I love nothing more than pushing my skill set to create so awesome images, it's also about seeing people at their happiest. There is enough sadness in this world and to be part of someone's happiest moments is just amazing for me. I am a romantic at heart and even I get emotional at some weddings, thankfully I can hide behind the camera. lol

Being given the honour and privilege to be able to capture those moments is just an awesome feeling and can not get enough.

I am a coffee nut!!!.... Yep, I cannot get enough. 

When you first contact me, which I hope many of you do, it is always to meet for a chat over a coffee. I like things to be casual and easy going and coffee is a great way to set the mood. 

That though is me on the whole, I like an easy life, I like to just sit back and relax and have a laugh. Consultations are not meant to be clinical and all work. the purpose of a meet is to get to know me as a person. after all, I will be spending a long time with you so it's good to know that we can get on. When you are relaxed, your photos come out much better and that is my goal, for you to be happy.

I am a friendly critter who likes to have a laugh, yeah I can be cheeky at times but I am also very professional too. I go out of my way to help couples throughout the day from helping with a tie or putting on a bracelet. I want to help you guys have a stress free day so I will always be there to lend a hand. 

So, what have you got to lose? Give me a shout and have a chat, it's only going to cost you a coffee, oh did I not mention that before??? you have to buy the coffees!!! hehe