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About me

I am a family man,  a loving husband, a cheeky Dad, cheeky but lovable photographer!!


I have held a camera from the age of 12. Taught by my late father and over the years, for most of the time photography had always been a hobby but through the years I dabbled in a few things until I was offered a job photographing high end real estate. I transitioned to weddings after a friend asked me to cover their wedding. Well, I caught the bug and set out to photograph weddings permanently.  I did take a 5 year break from weddings to consentrate on family but now I am back to stay. With over 100 weddings now under my belt over a 10 year period.


I am married to my beautiful  wife Kate and have an amazing daughter currently studying Law at Uni.

I am a soppy romantic and that is why I love photographing weddings. So much so when I connect with some couples I cry more than the Mother does lol. Thankfully I can hide behind the camera.

I know every photographer says they are passionate about photography, well I think we all share the same joy when taking photos. I take such pride in my work and I never stop trying to better myself and my skills. When I visit a venue I am always searching for that EPIC shot. I am that bad, even when I am out with my family without the camera I am always looking at my surroundings to see how I can shoot it. Is it a curse? lol probably but one curse I am so happy to have.




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